Advanced! This Tool Can Detect Crying Hungry or Sleepy Baby, Para Parents Full of Smiles!

 As a parent, of course, when a baby cries it will be confused, worried, or even panicked. This is because sometimes parents do not understand why and what the baby wants when crying.

Eitss, now parents who have babies don't have to worry anymore, how come?

A technology company from Taiwan has created a tool that can analyze the causes of a baby crying by relying on artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The tool is named Qbear which was developed by

Quantum Music will help new parents around the world.

This tool has a round shape that is coated with silicon and is equipped with Al technology so that it can analyze the causes of a baby crying.

Equipped with this sophisticated device, when a baby cries, this tool will distinguish the cause of the crying due to hunger, wet diapers, drowsiness, or wanting to be coaxed which can be known through notifications of the companion application installed on the parent's cell phone. Not only that, but this application can also detect the level of discomfort of the baby so that parents can understand more about the health of the baby.

Later this tool can identify whether the baby is sleepy or uncomfortable and then plays music automatically.

Qbear can be installed in a bed, stro,ller, or a place not far from the baby. Parents don't need to worry because this tool has materials that are claimed to be safe for the baby. This tool is also claimed to have an accuracy of up to 90 percent in analyzing the causes of a baby's crying. 

However, until now Qbear has only been exhibited at Consumer

Electronics Show in Las Ves is an exhibition featuring the latest products and technologies from the electronics industry.

What do you think? Interested in trying it later? videos: Vimeo/Quantum Music

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