Very funny! This Cat Keep 'Screaming' because Tak Allowed to Enter the House

 The exasperation shown by animals is endless, just like this portrait of a cat, for example. 

In his portrait uploaded by the YouTube channel

BrooklynStray, it seems that the white-gray cat continues to make noise at the door of a woman's house.

I don't know what was said, but he kept 'shouting' as if he was angry because he was not allowed to enter the house.

Not only for a moment, but he also kept on echoing the scream, even from when he first sat on the floor of the house, until he 'screamed' from the top of the wooden fence. 'Cat screams' said the caption of the post, as quoted

Indozone on Monday (23/1/2023).

How about your cat, does it act like this when it's not allowed into the house?

Videos: YouTube/BrooklynStray 

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