durian season, take a peek at the meaning the philosophy behind it from let's go to different countries!



Its strong and distinctive smell is a temptation for durian connoisseurs. Apart from that, it has a very special position in the culture and traditions of Asian people.

Check out the philosophical meaning behind it. Oh yes, but keep in mind that the philosophical meaning of something depends on the culture and traditions of the local community.


Durian is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Many people believe that having a durian tree in their yard is a sign of good luck.


Durian is used as part of the eating culture, so it is processed into various types of dishes such as fried durian and cendol durian. In addition, there is also a durian festival that is held every year.


Durian is considered a symbol of luxury and good quality of life. Many wealthy and royal families made it part of a lavish meal.


Durian is believed to cure various diseases and is a symbol of prosperity.


Durian is believed to increase energy and increase fertility 


the strong smell of durian means that Singapore has strict rules regarding the sale and consumption of durian. you can only find durian in certain places, for that durian is considered a symbol of freedom that can be enjoyed without disturbing other people.

In addition, durian is also often used as a theme in painting, sculpture, and handicrafts. 

And durian has also become a tourist attraction in several Asian countries because of the desire to visit durian gardens.

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