Even though it is hundreds of years old, Jonathan, the Oldest Tortoise in the World Still Have a High Libido, Still Often.... 😀!

 St. Island Helena in the South Atlantic recently celebrated the birthday of Jonathan, the world's oldest tortoise, who turned 190 years old. This birthday celebration is somewhat special because Jonathan received an award from the Guinness World Record as the oldest tortoise. He spent much of his life in the official's home on St. Helena. To celebrate a birthday

Jonathan, the official's house was open for three days for visitors who want to participate in celebrating the tortoise's birthday.

Although there is no real record of Jonathan's birth, it is estimated that Jonathan was born in 1832 and his birthday was set on December 4 by the governor of the territory of England, Nigel Philips.

Jonathan himself is a Seychelles tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantea hololissa). This type of turtle has been known for a long time as a land animal that can live a long time.

Reporting from the Mirror, Tuesday (6/12), the doctor who treated Jonathan at St. Helena, Joe Hollins, said that despite his old age, Jonathan still has a very good sense of smell, hearing, and even energy, although it depends on the weather. "On mild days, it will bask – its long neck and legs stretch completely out of its shell to absorb heat and transfer it to its core," says Hollins.

In cooler weather, it prefers to dig itself into leaf mold or grass clippings and stay there all day. "Despite his age Jonathan still has a good libido and has been seen frequently mating with Emma and sometimes Fred, animals are often gender insensitive," he added. video: Instagram/@st.helena.tourism 

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