McFlurry Cups and Hedgehogs

McFlurry Cups and Hedgehogs


The British Hedgehog Preservation Society won a campaign in 2006 to force McDonald's to redesign their McFlurry cups due to hedgehogs repeatedly getting stuck in them and dying. 


An obscure British animal-rights group has persuaded one of the world's biggest companies to come to the aid of the humble hedgehog. The British Hedgehogs The Preservation Society has campaigned for years to get mighty McDonald's Corp. to redesign its McFlurry dessert containers, which acts somewhat like a lobster trap:

Once the spiny mammal sticks its head into the hole in the top of the cup, it gets stuck and can't get out again.

McDonald's U.K. said that after "significant research and testing," it had designed a McFlurry cup with an opening so small that the hedgehog cannot insert its head, and therefore cannot get stuck. "The smaller aperture of the lid has been designed to prevent hedgehogs from entering the McFlurry container in the unfortunate incident that a lid is littered and is then accessible to wildlife," the company said in a statement.

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