This Boy's Football Skills Amaze the World, candidate Future Wonderkid

 The action of the boy thought to have come from the African continent who was so good at playing the round skin earned the public's admiration.

Through uploads shared by a Facebook account, Patrick Mouratoglou, a tennis coach from France, shows a freestyle juggling ball performed by a child. The boy demonstrated his ball juggling skills in various styles.

It is known, juggling the ball is a football player's mastery skill with the technique of keeping the ball above and not touching the ground at all.

In his upload, he highly praised the action and hard work of the boy. "People call this a talent, but I call it a passion. Imagine how many hours this kid spent to finally reach this level of mastery!" said Patrick in his video caption. "Imagine this kid's focus every day while practicing his juggling.

The people whose work impresses you most are not the most talented, but those who have attained a high degree of perfection through hard work, passion, and dedication. Enjoy excellence," he added.

Of course, the upload also invited positive reactions from netizens. "Extraordinary skills! Congratulations young man! Hope you can become a professional footballer," said one netizen in the comments column for the post. "Fantastic. What a talent. Wish him good luck," continued another.

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