6 facts about Area 51 that will make you think

Mysteries of Area 51

Mysteries of Area 51

 Area 51 is one of the strangest places in the world. Stories about flying saucers, and extraterrestrial creatures are quite commonly attached to this area. Located in the middle of Nevada, your dreams take flight into something bizarre here at Area 51. It has quite amazingly managed to create a subculture, and there are people who are dedicated believers of all things outworldly that have to do with this place. UFO buffs can sometimes have some outlandish theories, bordering conspiracy, and we have heard them all. Other than the conspiracies, here are some facts that will give you goosebumps for sure.

 1) The infamous interview of 1989

   Robert Lazar shot to global fame with an interview he had given with a Las Vegas radio station. Robert or Bob Lazar claims that he worked at Area 51, and that he knows for sure all about its clandestine extraterrestrial activities. He claimed it to be a place where the extraterrestrial is studied and, in fact, the area, according to Lazar, housed alien aircrafts. This when Area 51 got exposed in the public eye for the first time.

 2) Started for military activities

   Area 51 is not a new place, it has been around for a long time. The area was first developed in 1955 for military work. It was deemed as an ideal spot for testing the U-2 training pilots. The U-2 aircrafts were developed within eight months. Other aircrafts were also tested, and a radar test facility was also established in 1959.

 3) First reference by a President

   Former President Barack Obama was the first President in the history of the United States to mention Area 51 in public. At the annual Kennedy Center Honors ceremony in 2013, Obama mentioned the place while cracking a joke. While it was a cool thing to say, nobody overlooked the fact that a President uttered the term, Area 51, for the first time since its existence. This only made people believe that such a place does exist.

 4) It is a restricted area

   By now, you all know that Area 51 is a restricted area, so you cannot just venture into the place. Even then, there have been some enthusiastic efforts in this regard, such as the recent Storm Area 51 event, which eventually turned into a festival. But the place piques such great interest that 2 million people actually signed up for the Storm Area 51 event. But, in reality, there are armed guards patrolling the area.

 5) A fake moon landing theory

   This is no ordinary place, and so like all extraordinary places, the theories attached to this place are also quite over-the-top. One such theory is that the Moon Landing was faked, and it was in fact filmed here in Nevada’s Area 51. You want to know who the conspiracy theorists think filmed the whole thing? None other than the American filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick, who supposedly helped NASA.

 6) Unidentified flying objects

   Of course, being a testing ground for aircrafts, there are numerous flights taking off from this place. This could have sparked the theory of the Unidentified Flying Objects or UFO. If seen rationally, the high-tech planes can look a little alien to most people, and when they soar in the sky, people in the area let their imagination go wild, and declare them to be UFOs.What do you think?

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