Giant Huntsman Spider- Biggest Spider in the World by leg span


Giant Huntsman

The largest spider in the world by leg span is the giant huntsman spider coming in at 12 inches. It does not build a spiderweb to catch its prey. Instead, it hunts its prey down. While you can see huntsman spiders at many different worldwide locations, the giant huntsman arthropod only lives in caves in Laos. This arthropod discovered in 2001 has crablike legs with twisted joints, so they move like a crab.

This arthropod typically lives under decaying wood. When it spots its prey, it can move up to 3 feet in a second. These spiders have an elaborate mating ritual. Then, the female lays up to 200 eggs in a sack-like cocoon that she guards fiercely. After three weeks, when it is time for the spiderlings to hatch, she will help tear the cocoon open. She may stay with the spiderlings for several weeks.

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