The Book of Soyga is a 16th century Latin book with detailed instructions for magical rituals, incantations, astrology, and demonology.



The Book of Soyga, also known as “Aldaraia,” is a 16th-century book that is all about magic, astrology, incantations, and demonology. The author of the book is unknown, but it was first acquired by a scholar, John Dee, in the early 1580s while he worked as an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. Dee spent his entire life trying to decipher the book’s secrets. The majority of the book was written in regular Latin, which was easy to read. It contained several paragraphs describing conjurations, confusing magical formulas, protection spells, and hierarchies of angels and demons.

In the end, Dee was never able to decipher the last 36 pages of the Book of Soyga, which contained 36 tables. The book was lost after his death in 1609. The book was rediscovered in 1994 in two different locations, one in the British Library and another in the Bodleian Library. However, the mystery of the Book of Soyga persists. Who wrote it? What do those 36 tables and their magical words mean? No one knows.

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