10 Ways to Build a Good Relationship with a Future Mother-in-Law


10 Ways to Build a Good Relationship with a Future Mother in Law

10 Ways to Build a Good Relationship with a Future Mother-in-Law.

To build a harmonious home life with your future husband, it is important to invest in your closeness with his parents as well. By establishing good relations with his closest relatives, you will have a more solid foundation on which to build your marriage and make it easier for the two families to unite as one. If you want to make a good impression on your future family-in-law, you must prepare yourself to strategize in winning over them differently, because your future father and mother-in-law may have different personalities. This time we will specifically discuss tips on how to get your future mother-in-law to accept you as her future daughter-in-law. Below are 10 easy ways to get closer and have a good relationship with your future husband's mother.

1. Always be polite and sincere

Under any circumstances, it is very important to maintain your decency and sincerity in front of him. Even when you're angry or tired, try not to be rude, swear, or snap. Of course, your future parents-in-law cannot give a positive view of a future son-in-law who seems to pretend to be nice, is polite only at certain times and to certain people, or often swears.

2. Don't forget about manners

Still about politeness, showing that you have good manners or good manners. So, don't forget to say please or thank you.

3. Talking good things about his child

Even though you feel comfortable talking to him, don't ever reveal the bad things about his child. After all, she is a mother who has strong maternal instincts and protective instincts. You will not be considered good if you often badmouth your beloved son.

4. Try to get to know the person

When you first meet him, he will probably want to know more about your personality, family, hobbies, or work. It's good if you show the same interest in getting to know the future mother-in-law personally. So don't just answer her questions, show her that you want to get to know her too.

5. Do not be stingy to give praise to him

Which woman doesn't like being complimented, and so does your future mother-in-law? So, there's nothing wrong if you give compliments on the dishes he cooks or the arrangement of his home decor. Don't forget to give your best smile when you give the compliment so he knows you are sincere in conveying it.

6. Ask for and listen to suggestions

By asking for his advice, whether it's for something big like tips on a harmonious marriage or just your future husband's favorite food recipe, he will feel that his opinion is valued. You can also show that you value her opinion and value her views by accepting her suggestions. Of course, he would like this.

7. Give occasional gifts

Of course, it will be a sweet and positive thing if you don't forget to give him gifts or occasional hand gifts at special moments, such as his birthday or when he is invited to visit his house. The more personal the gift you bring, the better. So don't forget to do point number 4 to be able to find out his taste.

8. Always offer to help

When you see him doing something for his family or home, don't hesitate to offer help even if he doesn't seem to need it. This will make him see you as a helper and try to get involved for the good of his family.

9. Be confident

Occasionally, maybe your future in-laws will test your patience or toughness by being intimidating. If you can show confidence and pride in who you are, then he will trust you more.

10. Act as if you've always liked him!

Even if you really can't stand it, this doesn't give you any reason to be unfriendly or annoying. This is the mother of your future partner, so you have to face the fact that you will always be in contact with her. There's no need to fake your friendliness too much, just put a smile on your face and try to look like you like it.

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