15 Elegant Ways To Turn Failure Into Success


When you don't get what you want, negative emotions take over your head. Not to mention, you're also embarrassed to meet other people.

However, failure is something that normally happens to humans. An extraordinary athlete like Taufik Hidayat has never failed. Still with a singer like Tiara Andini. 

Therefore, instead of continuing to sink and feel the bitterness of failure, you should focus on turning it into success. 

As? Check out the 15 ways to turn failure into success below.

1. Understand the reasons for your failure

Why did you fail? Is it just bad luck? deceived others? Or because of his negligence?..

There are several reasons why someone fails. Before implementing any steps, of course, it's important to honestly identify the cause of the problem.

For example, you want to get a job but you always get rejected. After some introspection, you describe that you always get rejected at the interview stage. Usually, you get so nervous that you don't stop competing.

To find this, you have to practice job interviews with friends whose applications are accepted. This solution can be said to be correct even though it seems trivial. 

And of course, you can take precision because you know the cause of the problem.Oldies

2. Make failure a whip to move forward

Instead of continuing to grieve over the failure you experienced, use the event as a whip to move on. He tries to be more enthusiastic to achieve what you dream of.

For example, you have wanted to publish a novel for a long time. But after sending the script 2 times, it still fails. 

The rejection hurts. However, how much better if you don't get desserts?

Make the dream of publishing a novel a fun challenge. So instead of being sad, he's happy just fixing the returned manuscript.

3. Optimistic

An optimistic attitude is characterized by a positive outlook. Optimists view failure as delayed success.

This vision, while it may seem naive to some people, can increase enthusiasm to move forward. Your mindset won't sink easily with this optimistic mindset either.

4. Admit mistakes, stop blaming others

Stop blaming others for your failures. Because that kind of thing doesn't make sense. You will only seek the justification for past failures.

For example, you and a friend represent the school in a competition. Your performance is Good, but your friend's performance is bad, so your team loses. 

If it is solved your friend is the cause of the defeat. But as a teammate, you also have a part in the failure.

So instead of continuing to remember other people's mistakes, anticipate the next time. Make sure all team members are ready to take on the competition. Stop guilt like a child.Oldies

5. Stop imagining and habits

example imagination

Albert Einstein said that a person's imagination is something more important than his insight. However, the imagination in question is certainly not daydreaming about suddenly becoming successful.

Instead of being successful and being able to turn failure into success, you won't have any progress. You will stagnate because you feel that your dreams have come true through imagination. 

6. Set forward goals

Specifically, set goals and objectives that you want to achieve. So you know what to do in the future.

Let's say you are a recent graduate. Currently, you are still confused between wanting to be an entrepreneur or an employee. 

These concerns need to be resolved somehow. Because if not, you will do your job with half an effort, which can end in successive failures.

Consider these goals in terms of personal ideas, current financial conditions, and immediate needs that must be met. That way, you'll know what to do realistically.

7. Make a practical plan

Thinking strategically means thinking according to a plan to achieve a certain goal. After setting the goal to achieve as described in point 6, take steps to make it happen.

For example, you want to be established before you get married at the age of 25. To achieve this, of course, you need careful planning in terms of work, finances, and romance.

You need to start focusing on working, building relationships, and learning safe and correct investing. Thus, you can achieve a goal that not everyone can realize. 

8. Appreciate your small successes

Every little success should be appreciated. Especially if you always fail to notice those small successes sooner. After all, from a young age, your success can be even greater.

Remember the adage that big successes consist of small constant successes. For example, in academic terms. Your accomplishments may seem so-so at first.

It's just that your test scores are always good and your spirits are high. Seeing that, the school decided on a scholarship. You are also represented in various interosculate activities.Oldies

9. Keep self-correcting, be open to suggestions and criticism 

To turn failure into success, you must also be an outgoing person. Try to listen to other people's suggestions, criticisms, and opinions.

Why is this important? 

Because everyone must have limited vision. No matter how intelligent you are, there will be things you don't realize due to personal bias or lack of experience. 

Ask other people, then you will enrich your view. This way you can improve the plan that is being carried out. Or, you may anticipate things that are not desirable in the future.

10. Examples of other people's success patterns

Learn from successful people

There is no shame in learning from others. There are many valuable lessons when you are humble enough to listen to stories of figures that exist.

Not all success stories can be experienced by many people. We have to be realistic that in reality, not a few people fail despite having tried with all their might.

But don't give up easily. Who knows, you are one of the few people who are destined to succeed. After all, no human being on this earth can predict the future.

11. Be patient

Stop imagining that trying to achieve your dreams is easy to do. Often, you have to be crazy Valverde to do it. Especially if you have already experienced failure.

Therefore, in the realm of attitude, it is very important to instill patience. Be patient when you infer the problems and be patient when the dreams you wish for do not come true.

12. Ignore those who annoy you

Fighting to get what you want is not easy. So, don't waste your time dealing with those who are just plain sarcastic.

Imagine, you are a high school graduate who wants to enter a major that has high competition. In the first year of testing, you fail. So you decide to take the tutoring and study more seriously.

However, a cousin of yours lampooned the company. He said that his brain is not smart enough to enter a department that is crazy all over Indonesia.

Your cousin's words will surely cause a negative reaction in you. Unless you can ignore the burlap from him, it's best to stay away from him while fighting. 

13. Stop making similar mistakes

To turn failure into success, you must also avoid making similar mistakes. This seems insignificant, but it is very important to note.

For example, you once had a chicken video store. It failed because it squandered too much capital to open multiple branches at once. 

Now, he is starting a sweet martabak business. It does not immediately open several branches as before. Yet again you are wasting capital to make a store that is too fancy. 

So be careful with things like this. Recognize your fundamental errors so that they do not happen again in the next attempt.

14. Lots of good connections

Improve your connection. Because the reality on the ground shows that a good connection can increase the chances of success.

However, don't just make yourself more well-known. You also need to give the right impression. 

Show that you are a competent and passionate person. So, your acquaintances know what qualifications you have. 

15. Balanced life

Last but not least, don't forget to live a healthy and balanced life. 

Because turning failure into success is not easy. You need a stable frame of mind, a strong physique, and excellent health. 

Some things you can do include ensuring you eat nutritious food and enough water. Then exercise regularly and last at least 6 hours per day.


There is no point in being sad when you fail. It would be better if you rearrange your plans and fight again to achieve your dream goal.

Because when you fail, you have several lessons to learn. There are a lot of valuable lessons you get and the mindset that Jada has been forged by disappointment.

So, don't be pessimistic. Although it's not always easy, by following the 15 tips above, you can turn failure into success. Keep it up!

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