What is love?


What is love?

What is love? One of the most frequently asked questions and one that has thousands of answers. Nothing defines it. Many have attempted to describe it based on the feelings they experience, but we can say that: Love is not a feeling. Love is a decision we make.

The meaning of love based on the opinion of experts

Various scientists and philosophers have long tried to define love. There is no sacred formula for the meaning of love. What can be defined is the understanding of love from various points of view of life. Here are some meanings of love from famous thinkers:

- A desire within humans to develop themselves to maintain their spiritual growth or the spiritual development of others is the meaning of love according to M. Scott Peck, an American psychiatrist and author of The Road Less Traveled.

- The definition of love according to Quraish Shihab, a national Muslim figure, is the tendency of the human heart to do something because of the pleasures or benefits that can be obtained from those who are loved.

- Love as a feeling of the soul and turmoil of the human heart that encourages a person to love his lover with tenderness, passion, and affection is defined by Abdullah Nashih 'Ulwan, a legendary Muslim figure from Syria.

- According to Erich Fromm, a psychology professor from Germany, there are five processes that makeup love: recognition, feeling, responsibility, concern, and mutual respect.

Characteristics of loving someone

Based on the definition of love according to experts from various points of view, here are five characteristics you have found a feeling of love for someone. These five things must be fulfilled to conclude that the feeling you are experiencing is love.

1. Feel happy and want to make him happy

Feeling happy to be near or interacting with him is a sign that there is a feeling of love in you. Especially when you see your partner happy, you also feel happy. Therefore, you also feel you always want to make him happy.

2. Have a sense of interest/admiration

This is not only related to the physical but also non-verbal. Physical attraction can be described if you are physically attracted to or amazed by your partner's achievements, while an example of admiration for non-verbal things is when you are amazed at their playful or helpful nature.

3. There is a feeling of caring and devoting attention

Do you always want to be notified when he has arrived at his destination? Or, you simply ask him what food he wants? Attention like that, which generally lead to your desire to try to fulfill or just make him feel comfortable, is one of the signs you are feeling love.

4. Making sacrifices

This sacrifice is often found in the relationship between parents and children. Similarly, a couple who loves each other must also have made some sacrifices in their life, both big and small. For example, when the husband leaves his permanent job to move cities to follow his wife to continue her education.

5. The emergence of goodness

Loving someone positively means that you feel good things about yourself too. This is shown through better words and deeds, as well as increased self-confidence

In addition to the five characteristics above, an important point to remember is that love must be two-way. Both you and he must feel the same way to be able to become a partner who has an emotional and physical attachment.

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