Javier Baez Pulled from Game After Second Base Error

Javier beaz

TORONTO - Javier Baez was pulled from the game by Detroit Tigers coach A.J. Hinch after making a mistake on second base in the second inning against the Toronto Blue Jays on Thursday (4/14/2023).

What Happened?

Baez hit a double to right field wall but didn't run fast from the batter's box. On the next player, he forgot how many outs there were on the fly ball and doubled off to end the inning.

Before the third inning, Hinch walked down the clubhouse stairs to the tunnel leading to the dressing room with Baez. They had a conversation, and the two-time All-Star former shortstop was ejected from the game. He was expected to return to the starting lineup for Friday's game.

What Did Baez Say?

"My mind is all over the place right now," Baez said after the 3-1 win over the Blue Jays. "I'm just trying to focus on my hitting and my timing. The only reason I lost the count, it's because I hit sixth. I thought I was the third batter in that inning. That's the only reason. ... He made the decision, and I respect it. He's the manager, and we have to respect what he does."

What Did Hinch Say?

"I don't want to embarrass anyone," Hinch said Thursday. "I don't want to diminish our bench. I don't want to take out one of our premium starters who is a premium player. But I also don't want to see mental errors from the team."

Hinch said Baez's mistake wasn't the first in the series, but it was the culmination of several errors. The day before, outfielder Matt Vierling didn't slide into second base on a stolen-base attempt and was called out.

"If you watch the last few series, we've made a number of mental mistakes, and one thing we can control is our readiness and preparedness," Hinch said.


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